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where do you go at 31? | Birthday | Philly Blogger

Honestly, I thought we were friends, y'all. Who tf let me get old? I thought we were all in this together. 27 forever.

I'm starting to love my age with every new age. My skin looks great, my health is good and everything else I am working on. As you know, it is gemini season and I am celebrating my birthday. And, if you're reading this on the day I posted it (May 26th), I officially turned 31. I am celebrating my birthday with my birthday twins -- Stevie Nicks and Lauryn Hill.

But seriously, where do we go at 31? I normally write goals on my birthday to share. I write about what I learned the year before. All of those blogs have been so amazing for my growth, etc. I felt like I just started understanding my 20s and then life threw 30s at me. Society preps you that each year will feel 'different'. I don't always feel that as I get closer to each birthday. I think towards the end of a birthday year, you can really look back and realize they do. You have changed and each year feels a little bit different.

But right now, I'm feeling really 27. I've felt 27 since 27. And, maybe I will stay at 27 for a while -- whatever that means. I hope my skin stays at 27 and my body and my health stay at 27.

The beginning of 2020 and the ending of my first year in 30s has been....well, I don't have to tell you, we've all been at home navigating through this pandemic. Thirty one is the end of being 10 years from when I blacked out at the bar on my 21st and still called everyone a cab home. (You can call this responsibility at its finest). Thirty one is the start of the new beginning from the pandemic, really understanding the phase 'accepting things I can not change' and learning to live a day at a time. In the last years, I've moved, evolved, grown and so much more. And, when I really sit here and think of that -- that is some really deep ass shit.

So, here's to 31, y'all. Happy birthday to me!

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