Natty Contrera 

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Hi, Im natty.

I am a fun-loving, free spirit, woman who dreams in lipstick and highlighter. Education leads to empowerment. I see the beauty industry as a complete creative space for all types of people to call home. My goal has always been to branch out, fight the bullies and be love and light. 

My brides and clients choose me because I think outside the box. My vision for looks is raw and real. Those are the clients I love to work with; real every day people. Raw emotions, raw visions and more is what makes the world go around. 

Please view my work, take some time to read through the blogs ,follow me on social media and send a message. 

E: Nattycontrera@gmail.com

I: @nattycontrera

FB: @Natty Contrera Artistry

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