Hi, Im natty.
makeup artist.

marketing specialist. beauty pr pro.
content creator. 

no bs here...

I am not a #bossbabe nor am I a YouTube guru.

I am: makeup artist, educator, and beauty marketing pro  — a multi-faceted creator that focuses on being real in a world of social media filters. I am a licensed cosmetologist who studied at Paul Mitchell The School, went to Temple University for Film and Media, and have worked for numerous cosmetic companies for some of the most well-known brands in the industry.


My work has been seen from print to e-commerce, to blogs, to tv. 


For beauty marketing tips & beauty PR help: reach out to me here.. 



My name is Natalie. I go by Natty to most. I hated my name growing up. I never felt like it fit me, and to be quite honest, people would always mistakenly call me Nicole or Natalia. But now, Natalie really fits me. 


I’m a middle child and a Gemini who at one point was obsessed with tacos, then avocados, then poke bowls and now, it’s banh mi and ginger tea. I find that my obsessions go all over the place. Throughout my life, I’ve taken these obsessions and found a more balanced love. (Is this called adult life? I think so!) 


I found I always needed to stand out, but in the same breath, stood out in my own way, so easily. And in the same, (gemini moment, apologies) breath I wanted to just blend in and be introverted. I attract creative minds alike. I like to believe my clients seek me out because they are a lot like me. They love the experience provided and like a real-raw business friendship. 


Real and raw. It’s how I would describe myself. This is how I teach techniques to consumers and business to pros. Raw and real — it’s how my makeup and hair skills are portrayed on the everyday person or featured on photoshoots across the country. Real and raw. No bullshit here.

I am a mix of a glossy lid, clean complexion and a popsicle pout. There is no cut creases here. There is no intense contouring found. Just some warm bronzed cheeks and a soft glossy lip. I am a slick back ponytail or loose waves that flow into the picture.


Classic and editorial. Clean but daring. Raw and Real.


The beauty world has indulged my life for a decade. Taking various forms from sales, services, and education. My biggest focus is excelling at what is in front of me, if that's a branding client, a photoshoot, or an educational class, I’m focused on that moment. 


Throughout the last year, I have shifted a lot of my focus from educating consumers to education with pros. I work on honing in on technique but really striving to create stronger business professionals in an ever-evolving industry. Feel free to book a session as a co-creative or consumer on technique and more. To my pros, I am always available to work through some of those not-so-fun business moments like contracts and email templates. You can schedule through email found on the contact page or quickly right here. If you're looking for branding, marketing or PR advice: check out my second business over at Mango Marketing Co.


And, as always, my blog and social media will keep updating and giving that more real and raw feel about me.

get in touch.

Thanks. Looking forward to speaking with you.

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