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The About You Blog | Natty Contrera | Philly MUA


I hope you are loving the new freshness of the website as much as I am. I absolutely have to thank my good friend, Alicia Wiley (of Alicia Wiley Photography) for helping me out. I decided to start the first blog by 10 things about me. We all love lists and those quick introductions, don't we?

10 Things about me

1: My spotify playlist is anything from Drake to Tom Petty to Jawbreaker to Beyonce to Trina to H20 to Young Thug. Random, I know. I love music.

2. I do carry hot sauce in my bag. (swag) Seriously, have been loving the spice since birth. Preferably, cholula.

3. Speaking of spice, I have an obsession for tacos and pho.

4. I broke vegetarian after almost ten years on a McDonalds Quarter Pounder.

5. I am originally from Detroit but have been on the east coast for almost ten years.

6. There is always room to purchase more lipsticks. And, I can never say no to a good highlighter.

7. I originally went to school for Film at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA

8. Iced Coffee any time of the year. Green Tea over Coffee though.

9. Gimme all the avocados.

10. I enjoy yoga and my dog attempting to do yoga.

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