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my 2021 goals | a new year | life after the pandemic | Philly blogger

This is me being hopeful that the aftermath of 2020 doesn't linger too far into 2021. I don't plan to change my life too much but here are my goals for 2021.

  • Pick up new business consulting clients

  • Do a new corporate beauty shoot a month

  • Work with a new, big brand for beauty shoot work.

  • Make the most money this year.

  • See my boyfriend's clothing company exceed all financial goals

  • See my friends succeed in their small businesses

  • Stay healthy (& maybe drop a few of these LBs)

  • Travel to make up for the lack of Travel in 2020

  • Do some heavy investments

  • romanticize everyday life experiences

Wow, have I grown since I started this blog and these recaps. What do you want to see for yourself in 2021?

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