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Dear Self | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera Artistry

I was introduced to an app a couple of months ago called “future self”. The app is pretty self-explanatory. You write in the template a letter to your future self and pick a date. Then, the app emails you the letter you wrote on said date.

As 2016 comes to an end but my journey on trusting myself and self-love continues, I decided to write my next blog as a “dear future self” letter. Happy holidays and stay warm!

“Dear Future Self

First off, take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. You have accomplished so much and always tend to have a lot on your plate emotionally, mentally and creatively. You are doing it. You always manage to get through it with your best foot forward. I am proud of you. Your ability to wear so many hats continues to amaze me as it does many others.

Take this time to enjoy yourself even if it is for five minutes. Put your phone down. Sing that song really loud. Spend two minutes in the car in silence. Spend a day in bed. Buy that lipstick. You work so hard and constantly are telling you “no” and everyone else “yes”. You can never fill anyone up unless your cup is full, too.

Thank you for taking care of yourself and learning how to put yourself first. It has been a very long time. I hope you’re getting the hang of it. You are good enough. You are worth it and you can offer so much. The journey of finding yourself, falling in love with yourself and re-creating your world does not ever end and it does not happen over night.

Stop trying to define the world and everything that happens. Stop overthinking. Just breathe. You can handle anything thrown at you. Live and let live. Allow time to have what it needs. Do not rush. I cannot repeat myself enough about how truly good enough you are. You are a beautiful soul inside and out. Smile. The world is no longer against you. And, quite frankly, it might not of ever been. Do not let the pain of others convince you ever again that you are fighting this alone.

Stay true to yourself, stay loyal and love hard.

When you need a reminder, I will be right here.

Love, Self.”

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