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Keep your Enemies Close is the WORST advice | Philly MUA | Self Love Fridays | Natty Contrera Artist

You heard me right. That old phrase we’ve been saying since we were kids hits ultimate on the BS Meter. Honestly, what type of bullshit advice is that? Enemies should not be held close. Haters, as you can call them, should be stood up to and removed from of your life. I listed below reasons on why this was terrible advice given to us at such a young age.

1. Negativity

By keeping your enemies close to you, you’re allowing the door open for hostility. This type of energy will lead to mistrust, overanalyzing, and uncertainty. Haters love and thrive off of watching you fail. Why would you give them access to that? We shouldn’t allow someone to become intertwined into our personal lives that does not wish the best for us. Surround yourself with positivity always.

2. Drama

If someone does not like you, if someone is an enemy, if someone finds joy in making sure you don’t succeed and if someone causes drama in your life, why would you want them close to you? Enemies thrive off you. Not allowing them into your life and not allowing drama to stir up gives them absolutely no power. The universe listens to your thoughts. It feeds off of your wavelengths and energy. If drama fills your thoughts and life, you’ll continue to see more and more drama.

3. Validation

If you love your self, you won’t be worried about validation of those around you – friend or foe.You will be content with those that fill your cup naturally, as you are already filling your own. Having an enemy close brings on uncertainty, as we talked about above.Don’t misguide yourself.

4. Time

Your time is valuable. It should be spent with the ones that you love the most. Your energy should be focused on individuals who help raise you up, help fill your cup, and put positivity around you. Let your time be filled with things and people who enrich your life.

Remind yourself this weekend that the drama isn’t worth it. Cut out those who no longer or never did serve a purpose. Spend this Friday indulging yourself in YOU and those that make your weekends worthwhile

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