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This is WHY I stopped doing boudoir • Philly MUA • Natty Contrera Artistry

I teamed up with Samantha Marie Photography for our third collaboration. I fell in love with Samantha’s work and her vision. Do you ever meet someone where you’re like, "your work is great, but you, Ma’am, you are a diamond.” ‘Cause that’s how I felt about Samantha. Her soft personality is filled with passion and fight. She shoots to empower women; to make them feel beautiful. She lives for those moments where self-love blooms in them. We both decided our favorite moments are the transitions. It’s when we see a woman come from being timid while getting half naked for boudoir, then confidence blossoms during the shoot, turning it into an empowerment session.

That’s when I realized; I hate boudoir. I do not like the posed, sexy, for a man, corset and fishnet, or his shirt and tie shoots. I love empowerment sessions. This is where love has no gender, no race, no color, no sexuality. Yes, it’s about turning on our partners initially, but walking out embracing ourselves. Empowerment sessions are about defining our own sexy. Below are some of the most recent photos from our shoot of some beautiful, bad ass women. If you are interested in doing something like this, please feel free to message me. My contact information can be found above! Enjoy.

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