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ALL THE WAYS TO GET FIT WITHOUT THE GYM | Self Love Fridays | Natty Contrera Artistry | Philly MUA

How to Stay Fit Without the Gym

Alright, who here is like me an is an anti-gym-goer? It’s okay to raise your hands. There is no Mr. CrossFit here to try to talk to you about the box. I hate the gym. I always have hated the gym. In fact, I get anxiety often about going, especially alone. I only like taking certain classes and do not love when it’s overly crowded. I know, most people don’t either, but I’m the “panic attack, can’t breathe” type of don’t like crowded gyms. I have a hard time sticking to a gym consistently, but I often find other ways to stay fit.

  1. Go to specialized studios This is great if you like taking Zumba or yoga. They are less intimidating spaces that are designed to make you feel more at ease. But, if you’re like me, you’ll probably need to bring a buddy for your first few classes.

  2. The Internet I heard some cable providers also have workout channels. I know the internet with Pinterest, YouTube, and all the other apps make it incredibly easy to work out at home. I truly enjoy the PumpUp app because it allows you to create workouts with whatever you have, wherever you are, for however long you want.

  3. Meal Prep

I don’t mean meal prep for 7 days eating boiled chicken, steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes. Sometimes, I only meal prep two or three days, sometimes more. A lot of times, I just take out what I wanna eat, and have it diced, marinated and ready to go. The reason we turn to junk food and fast food so quickly is because of convenience.

  1. Pay Attention to Marketing I can not stress this one enough. Low-fat does not mean clean. Organic does not always mean healthy. Focus on food as good sources of energy for our body. Eliminate processed things.

  2. Walk and Talk A friend of mine gave me this great advice. We both had hectic schedules and our only days off seemed to fall on the days we both needed to catch up on errands. She started taking walks during our one to two-hour phone conversations. It was her way of doing her exercise, not being bored, and knowing that there was X amount of time on the phone with me. I started doing something similar to that. Kind of like when people do sit ups and squats during commercials. The next time you find yourself watching Netflix for hours or chatting it up on the phone; get to walking. Or squatting. Or whatever. Get. To. Moving!

  3. Eat When You’re Hungry This one seems kind of silly, but it’s so true. People love to hold out until dinner. It also seems like people will choose a coffee or soda over eating fruit or a protein bar when they’re hungry. Drink a glass of water and eat something that will sustain you when you’re hungry.

  4. Drink lots and lots and LOTS and LOTS of water You’re not drinking enough. I’m not drinking enough. I don’t think anyone in the entire United States of America is drinking enough. Don’t forget, 8 ounces of water or 8 “glasses”, of water a day is equal to about 2 liters or a half gallon. That’s an entire Pepsi or Mountain Dew 2 liter of water. You’re not drinking enough. And, if you have caffeine or alcohol that day, double the ounces of those drinks. Yikes. Get to drinking.

  5. Hippie Remedies Find whatever hippie remedies work for you and stick to them. Apple Cider Vinegar? Detox Tea? Turmeric Lemon Cayenne Whatever? Do it.

  6. Visit one of your friends who works an MLM company Now, I know that’s probably the weirdest advice, but most of those companies have products that will help when used consistently. You will most likely need to have a well-balanced diet and exercise to have those products be any bit effective.

What ways do YOU stay fit? Feel free to let me know what you do to stay healthy without the gym.

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