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Men Don't Love Women Like You | Book Review | Philly MUA | Self Love Fridays | Natty Contrera Ar

Pick. Up. This. Book. Now. Okay, review done. Just kidding. Kind of, I loved the book so much I listened to the six hour audio on audible in a bus ride to New York, a cab ride and a bus ride back to Philly. I loved this book so much I started listening to it again. The book is called Men Don't Love Women like You by G.L.Lambert.

Initially, the title threw me off. I am so, excuse my french, fucking over these books to be "what men want". Men love bitches, men don't love bitches, play games with men, don't play games, be real, be fake and so much more. This book is the opposite. Stop looking for what men want and start looking for what YOU want in men. Stop looking to be the perfect woman for a man and start being the best woman for you.

I could go on for hours about perfect quotes from this book. I absolutely enjoyed that it was written by a man who refers to women as Spartans. I loved that it was a book built on confidence without being like "You are special! you are a badass! List all the reasons why you are great!" He breaks it down. You aren't the only pretty girl out there, the only educated, the only "independent woman who needs no man". Men have heard all these before. Confident women showing fake confidence by boasting about themselves as if they are so unique and putting others around them down.

BE. FOR. REAL. CONFIDENT. Lift yourself up. Even if you need to lose weight, love your body now. Even if you feel better as a blonde, enjoy the time as a brunette. Whatever it is, be happy and grateful now. Someone will always be pretty. But, be a fucking spartan. This was my biggest take away from the book. I have a hard time not boasting about myself sometimes. I am so proud of my changes but still sunk in my insecurities. I want the world or who I date to make sure they see that. But they do, if they don't they would not be here. Honestly, even if they don't, fuck them. I am living my life to be the best me. Not to be the best for a man.

"Queens rule from the top. Not from the bottom."

I loved that quote from the book. It resonated so much with me and this "self love" phenomenon. In the book, he continues to make references to how women compare themselves. Not to quote exactly, but something a long the lines of "God didn't stop making pretty after you." And, I loved that. Cause, seriously, they is going to be someone prettier, younger, skinnier just as much as you will think someone is "uglier", or fattier or whatever have you. The comparisons don't make us confident, they don't find us healthy love and they sure as hell don't promote positivity.

Read the book. Listen to it. Read it again. Write down why you're a Spartan. I'll be right here chanting with you.

"I am the fucking table!"

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