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Megan Mac Bliss: Woman Crush Wednesday | Women Businesses | #wcw | Philly Business | Natty Contrera

In deciding to start doing these #wcw blogs; I wanted them to be more about proving empowerment is about community and less about products. We have our social medias overflowing with makeup artist, candle makers, essential oils, jewelry and more. We all have our go to's. The next few months I'll be showcasing my favorite ladies because they are the shit and because they ALSO are putting out awesome products. 

Quick about Megan: 

Megan Mac, is sister to a great friend of mine Joe Mac. You often will see Joe Mac's work throughout my site and blog as we collaborate together often. Obviously, Megan and me were introduced through Joe. I built a separate relationship with Megan through our love of energy and her tough in the Art of Reiki. Megan did Reiki on me last year and it was one of the most moving moments in my lifetime. Megan is a sweet, intelligent soul with tons of laughter and wisdom. Quick words of wisdom from Meg, "Know your worth....don't let other people drag you down or make you feel "less then", they more then likely, projecting their own feeling onto you." 

Megan from Megan Mac Bliss sent me the following products to try out:

1. Wasn't Me Odor Spray

2. Cracked Up Moisture Balm

3. ReLEAF Pain Balm  4. Catch'n ZZZ Sleep Balm

5. Lighten Up Stress Roller 

They are natural essential oils combined to create exactly what you need for stress, sleep, pain relief and more. I love her names, creativity and the in-depth detail that Megan provides for her clients. I was a fan of all the products but I'm going into detail about my two favorites: Wasn't Me Odor and Relief Pain Balm. 

Wasn't Me Odor. 

I have a pit-bull. If you don't know my six year old, crazy child, his name is Raylan. I live in a smaller South Philly Row-home and I don't ever want it to smell like dog. I've been spraying his dog bed with this safe, essential oil spray mix. I've also been using it in the bathroom and well, anywhere I found an odor. I love that it makes the room smell fresh, clean and livable. I hate fragrances that just add to the odor. You're like "wow, it smells like 'tropical hues' and garbage". By not using a synthetic fragrance, this bathroom spray cancels out the odor and truly refreshes the room, dog bed, sheets, whatever have you.

The key ingriedents found in here are Lemongrass, Lemon and Eucalyptus.  "Lemongrass: Clears air pollution, kills air-borne bacteria, purification, antiseptic, sedative, tonic and helps fight mental fatigue.

Lemon:  clears air pollution, air disinfectant, MRSA, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antidepression, invigorating, refreshing, water purification, improves concentration, clairty of thoguht, promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Eucalyptus: odor eliminator, disinfectant, antiseptic, helps with respittory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, increases mental awareness and stimulation" 

This product retails for $7

ReLEAF Pain Balm 

I am OBSESSED, I will now be carrying this product in my kit. I used to carry a much more expensive relief balm for stressed brides to apply on client's necks. Now, I will be using relief balm. This balm is great for soreness, joint aches and those post work out stiffness. This is infused with oils, flowers and herbs. 

The key ingridents found in here are: Calendula, Arnica, Rosemary, Borage and Lavender. 

My two favorite ingreidients that I would like to talk about is Arnica. Arnica heals bruises, anti inflammatory, decreases swelling, pain relief and helps aid to soft tissue injuries. 

Borage which has strong anti inflammatory properties, reduces PMS symptoms, soothes eczema, helps fight fatigue and stress, arthritis pain and contains essential fatty acids including omega-3s. 

This product retails for $18

Once again, I am loving so much of the products that Megan is coming out with. Stay tune because there will be MUCH, much more. 

All of the items can be found on her website

See everyone for Next Month's Woman Crush Wednesday: Business Edition! 

If you would love to be involved, please email me with a little bit about you and why! 

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