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Honey Accessories | #WCW: Business Edition | July | Natty Contrera Artistry | #getdipped

My story of how I met my neighbor Helena is an absolute 'women empowering women' moment. I live in South Philly, next to Helena’s mom, whom she visits often. I mind my own business, I don't say much to my neighbors, and I just kind of keep it moving. We would pass each other by, smile, and go about our day. I think I had been living there about 6 months when one day I walked outside my house, ready to see a makeup client. I was wearing this camouflage baseball jersey, and Helena complimented me on my outfit. It made my day because I did not know if I even loved that outfit, to be quite honest. From then on, we started having conversations here and there. It turned into working on a photoshoot together, keeping each other updated on city events, (her more so than me; she's amazing at networking) and sitting on our stoops just talking about life in general. You can always catch me rockin' and supporting Honey Accessories. It will either be trendy necklaces, cute sunglasses or gorgeous earrings. My favorite pair right now is a Pineapple with Faux Pearl studs Helena gifted me for my birthday. 

Meet Helena

from Honey Accessories 

A beautiful, strong woman who loves to empower other women by offering her studio space for networking. Helena also works a full time job AND runs a very trendy jewelry business through events and online. (That moment when I hashtag #whorunstheworld) She started her love for accessories by making her own jewelry in high school. That dream never seemed to leave her as she picked it up again to start Honey Accessories. 

The remaining of the shoot I did with Helena can be found on a previous blog (here.)

Photography done by Joe Mac Creative

Q: What gets your brain moving? 

A: MUSIC.  "Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week, they say I can’t do it, I do it in my sleep”  The fact she used a Kanye West lyric as a favorite quote further promotes just how music makes her brain work.

Q: Who is your inspiration and why? 

A: Seeing other women work just as hard.

She shouted out her cousin @firecefinds who also sells accessories. This was not before mentioning that she did not know where to start because she's inspired by so many woman-based businesses! 

Q: What advice could you give to women about running a business?

A: There may be times you wanna give up; don’t stop because your one step closer to your goals.

That advice is so very true. In the midst of everything, we often forget how easy our entire life can change if we just keep going

To receive 15% off her website, use PROMO CODE: HoneyJu

I hope you enjoyed reading about Helena from Honey Accessories. Please check her out and see all the big things she is doing. Like I mentioned above, she LOVES to network, so if you're interested in more than just trendy and sexy accessories, reach out. And, as always, feel free to email me to shout out another #WCW: business! We are in this together. Every single of us ladies. Build up your crowns --together. 

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