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My First Week With Saphira | Philly Hairstylist | Natty Contrera Artistry

I survived! Here's a little bit about the company I am working for: 1. Family Owned 2. FIRST AND ONLY woman CEO of a Salon Professional Hair Care line 3. All about giving back and paying forward 4. Our formulas are completely free of the “bad” ingredients (Parabens, Sulfates, etc.) 5. Products are loaded with hair-healthy properties, including 26 minerals from The Dead Sea 6. A percentage of our monthly profits go to Women Empowerment organizations 7. Our packaging and bottles help employ people with Special Needs 8. Saphira is the CEO’s name 9. We're a USA company 10. SALON PROFESSIONAL ONLY Website Instagram I did a presentation with a distrubition center on Monday. I may have made a fool of myself a few times because I tend to wing things a little too much. But honestly, winging things gives my message a personal touch, while still delivering an awesome presentation. I had all of my goodies and samples neatly organized, and I was excited to have a chance to experience the entire line instead of just my favorites. Current obsession? The mud mask. Monday was the first time I washed my hair in a week, and even writing this on Friday, I still have soft, clean, shiny hair. 

Tuesday Take Over - I spent my first day running around Baltimore with a Distrubtion Sales Consultant and my VP of Sales. It was awesome being back in Baltimore and having an idea of where we were. I am excited to hit some old stomping grounds and showcase some of my favorites to old friends and clients. If you have not been following me for long, I lived in Baltimore for a few years. I went to cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell The School in Jessup, Maryland. We continued to detail with different Distrubtion Sales Consultants Wednesday and Thursday, then I made my way to Annapolis and Rockville. I loved and visited both of these areas frequently when I lived in Maryland. I got to check out the other Tru Beauty store located in Rockville before I took the nice 3-hour drive home. I'm being sarcastic, by the way. There was no traffic until I got 30 minutes outside of Philly. Lastly, Friday, I had my first office day. Television and instagram always makes office days sound so glamorous, but I know better from my share of office days. I forced myself to make a hand written to-do list, snuggled up with my Pit Bull and made a large cup of coffee. I think this is the most organized I've ever been to be quite honest. Just trying to remember that awesome saying "work smarter, not harder." I am so excited for this new journey; wherever it takes me. The products are amazing. The position seems challenging, rewarding and constantly evolving. Plus, all my bosses have really made me feel like part of the family. To say I'm grateful to find something that I can truly grow into is an understatement. I had an amazing weekend of makeup clients, relaxing and learning. (Start a blog Friday. Finish and post it on a Monday). Here is to the next week! xo 


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