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Stop The Talk | How Your Words Effect You | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera Artistry

Stop the talk! What's the talk?

It's Talking About the Lack of Knowing

I found that our biggest issue is the unknown. It is not our lack of passion or lack of talent. It is the lack of knowing. We hold so many issues in fear's arms. We hold our problems and solutions in fear. We are the generation of dreamers, side-hustlers and entrepreneurs. Yet, so many of us, never take that side-hustle to the full game in fear that was instilled in us as a kid.

Over the past few weeks I've asked people why they did not leave or jump faith, take the risk, etc in multiple situations. As they vary, they all came down to fear of the unknown.

"I need to have this job for one year at least to put it on my resume"

(Side note: where did this myth come from? what is the point of staying when you know you're unhappy)

"The grass is always greener on the other side"

"What if I can not afford benefits"

"If I raise my prices, I'll lose clients"

Stop the Talk.


We can "what if" until we stop breathing. But, what if, what if we did it? What if we ended up happier and more successful? What if he says yes? Or, she says okay? What if life took a turn for the better? What if we changed the talk. Changed the fear of not knowing.

I am a true believer of the secret. The manifestation of having what you want is real. I know that when I allow my fears to take over my manifestation; I am left with less than, more stress and clenched up fist when I sleep.

Your mindset and words affect your body. They affect your physical and mental health. They allow you to ride a certain wave length. Which way will you ride?


If you are reading this, and you've been trying to figure out if the decision is right for it. Take the risk and jump through the hoops. If you are reading this and you're not sure if you're talented enough to achieve the goals, you are. We all are. We all are somewhere in the beginning. As you sit in your car, eating a whopper from burger king, crying into the wrapper, with how unhappy you are with your work currently, where you are and if it's time to start fresh (not speaking from experience or anything), it's your time now.

Every mentor I look at has had that "jump" moment. That staring over the edge, wondering if they should, the "what about my health insurance" moment. Heads up: Everyone one of them was told: DON'T. Until, they said, fuck it and did.

So I won't be another one to feed into the TALK. I won't be another one to tell you NO. I'm telling you YES and DO. Cause, I am right there with you. I am saying yes to so much new. Details of more coming so soon.

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