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Rare Natruals | WCW: Business Edition

Welcome back, everyone! Since I slacked so hard on my blogs, especially these ones, I decided to do TWO for the month of November. I know you just read all about my friend Candace with Rise and Glow marketing last week. Here is this weeks! Rare Naturals.

Who is Rare Naturals? Rare Haynes is a Hairstylist and Educator in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I met Rare with my previous job. We clicked immediately. I loved her personality, her visions and her desire to share her craft. She is filled of knowledge and talent. Rare truly enjoys empowering beauty stylists through education. Fueled by ingredients, Rare suggests high quality, natural hair care for her clients to feel just as empowered as her stylist.

Rare is a humble soul who has worked on the strip in Vegas as well as done high profile celebrities and red-carpeted events. She is filled of knowledge and is not stingy about sharing. She gets the industry. She gets the vision. She is all for empowering women through more than just education.

Who is Rare?

Rare is a licensed cosmetologist/master hairstylist.

She specializes in natural hair care maintenance for all textures of hair with concentration on the foundation of the scalp and hair growth.

Rare is a mother, of a wife and one of 21 siblings.

Rare, what would you say to someone running a business?

R: "Believe in yourself, brand yourself, have patience, have a voice, determination & confidence. Whatever it is you choose to do educate yourself on it. Build a trust worthy team that is likeminded & passionate about what they do. Always have a backup plan. Invest in yourself & remain humble. "

"Because of the tough experiences I went through growing up & as an adult simply because of my hair texture. I wanted to help other girls & women with textured hair feel confident & empowering to wear & take care of their own hair no matter the environment." - @rarenaturals


Tell us what inspires you?

Rare: "My #1 inspiration is my Daughter. She is of this generation that now has a voice to make change. Something I didn’t have growing up. Seeing her embrace and love herself from top to bottom is so inspiring. I want to provide a platform for education, salon services and products for her and other young girls and women. "

"Just because a person smiles all the time, doesn’t mean their life is perfect. That smile is a symbol of hope and strength. '- Lauryn Hill

You can find hair tips and tricks, product knowledge and everything Rare is up to on her Instagram.

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