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What 2018 Taught Me | Natty Contrera | Philly Blogger

"What is for you will never pass you"

I decided not to do a "8 reasons" or bullet points of 2018. I learned one VERY valuable lesson in 2018. This quote stuck with me as I made choices in career moves, in relationship moves, personal and more. What is for you will never pass you.

This saying struck me like a ton of bricks the first time I heard it. It seems so simple. Almost like a "obviously" type of moment. But, it's funny, how much energy we allow to waste on things that aren't for us because of our ego, pride or fear of rejection. We stress over jobs, relationships, parties, friendship and more. In all reality, what is meant to be for us and in our lives, will be. It truly is that simple. No matter how hard you try to hold on to things, they have an expiration date, if they are suppose to. It was kind of an uplifting feeling when I finally grasped this concept.

It was almost like I was physically giving something to the universe. I tried meditating more this year. I failed miserably so it definitely is something I'd like to do more. Anyway, whenever I did meditate, if my mind wandered, which it always did, I'd say 'What is for you will never pass you". I envisioned myself giving a basket to the universe. Like I was lifting stress off of my shoulders and off my heart and saying "take this". Every time I did that, something changed. The next chapter in my story opened up.

I'm telling you this -- there is power in manifestation. Work hard and dream it big.

Twenty eighteen was about establishing myself. It was about manifesting dreams and realities. I do vision boards a lot. I decided to take apart my vision board and see my "secret" hidden list. I accomplished every thing on that list including the EXACT dollar amount I wanted to save. Even achieving those 'goals', I have adjusted my dreams and ambitions. I am excited for a new year of vision boards and a new year of conquering those dreams. I recently did the blog for my goals for 2019 to help manifest all those dreams as well.

Goals are great. Lessons are even getter. I truly can't sum up 2018 in any better way than "what is for you will never pass you". It is a lesson that falls so truly in everything that I have felt.

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