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Why I need to recharge | Puerto Rico | Lifestyle Blogs | Natty Contrera | Philly MUA

I can't believe it's already been a week since I've been back from Puerto Rico. I go in waves of traveling. I travel a lot for work, it'll burn me out for a while and then I have the itch to pack my suitcase (for pleasure or work). This was strictly pleasure. I was celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday along side with a must needed mental health getaway for myself. In the winter, I need a lot of vitamin D. Living in Philly that leaves few and far between to catch some extra rays during this time of year. We left the city at 18 degrees and landed in San Juan at 85.

Everyone deserves a getaway or a way to recharge. We all need a mental health moment. If by reading this your first reaction is to say; "must be nice" -- you DEFINITELY deserve the recharge. We all have our ways of prioritizing for these things. Mine has been using Instacart for extra money. (I even wrote a blog about).

I realized very young that sun rays and ocean waves are my recharge. They make me feel alive. It's an amazing connection with the salt water and warmth of the sand.

Oh, hey big booty and no photoshopping. We all have it. Flaunt it.

This is why I recharge:

1. My mental health is important (and so is yours)

This will be number one! We neglect mental health. Even if you don't 'suffer' from mental health issues, you can still put your mental health at risk by not recharging.

2. Recharging = reconnecting

I wanted to reconnect with myself and my partner. Not that anything was wrong with us. Reconnecting with out work, responsibilities, bills, or a time frame makes it easy to maintain the joys of relationships.

3. To remind myself about the importance of life

Life is not credit scores, saving accounts and adulting. I mean, those things help BUT life is about experiences. Life is not just your career. Life isn't just work and making other people happy. It is okay to want a break. It is okay to want to explore, to make experiences, to see the world. It's okay to fucking live.

4.To make life simple again.

I recharge to remove myself. I get so wrapped up in the day to day, in all the details and more that I need to step away. I need to look at everything for how simple and joyful life can be.

Recharging is beneficial. It makes me more productive with work, with myself, with my significant other and more. Recharging helps remind me what is important. It gives me time to remove what I no longer needed. It's hard to always get away to recharge. I look for other things that help make me feel whole. Feel free to email me or drop a comment on my instagram about what recharges you.

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