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WCW: business edition | house of Booze Colton | California | Philly Blogger | Women in Beer

Here we are, another #WCW: Business Edition blog! I do not get sick of writing these. Even when I don't know how to start them, which is my biggest struggle, I can't wait to share them. This month I decided to go outside my normal realm of Women in Business and chose the Beer Industry.

I am a beer drinker -- sort of. Essentially, as I've gotten older I have turned more into a wine drinker. But, craft beers are very attractive to me. I pick beers typically how I picked my wine during all of my 20s. By the packaging! (Don't laugh. I've come across some great brands with this method.) I definitely have grown to love everything from Wheat to IPA. However, right now, I am very into Sours.

I chose House of Booze in Colton, California as my blog this month. Okay, fine, I'll be fair. It's my cousin's business. I picked her for a few reasons. One, family, duh. Two, women supporting women, duh. But, number three is the biggest one, Women in Male Dominated Fields! I love hearing how rewarding and challenging this industry has been for her. So, without me going into how my family is built of entrepreneurs and how amazing we are:

Meet Gina

from House of Booze

"You are where you are because of You"

Favorite Quote

Q: Gina, What else is there about you besides your love for the beer world?

A: I’m a very business savvy woman. I love everything that involved business and the power of flipping product. I also enjoy traveling the world and seeing how others live and cook and basically how they survive. I enjoy people period. I strive to learn.

PS: If you want to challenge your professionalism, interview your family. I have to do this without getting side tracked and without filling this with tons of embarrassing old photos of us.

Q: How does your business work exactly?

A: I specialize in craft beer and speciality liquors. We have wide variety in wine, liquor, beer, craft beer, cigars and more. I got into this business when I was young. Watching my parents do it since I was young and being a box girl. Then, I owned my first business at 19 and it was a gas station with my dad. Now, I’m 29 and own House of Booze for the last 6 years. I wanted to create a whole total “norm” of what a liquor store should be. Some people call my store a “diamond in the rough". You attract what you put in your store.

My cousin (Tom) and I created and remodeled House Of Boozer. Bam! We’re one of the best shops in the Inland empire. We have walk in beer cave that carries 300 different types of beer. Now, we have a huge selections of bourbon, whiskey, tequila, and vodka. We created an Instagram as well. Anyone can message me and place orders.

Q: What kind of advice could you give to women about self confidence?

A: I would tell women you are strong! Hands down, strong. You do not need a man to call you beautiful, successful or independent. You should know that about yourself. If you do not feel good about yourself -- do something about it! Eat better, work out, start getting ready everyday like your ready to impress the world with your charm. Don’t worry about opinions of others. When another woman talks about another woman it shows either one of 2 things: they're insecure or they feel threatened. You, my dear, need to make your mark on the world with just one solution: "your happiness”

Hell yeah. I love this. Just another humble brag: My family is my biggest cheerleader. Gina, by far, has been one of my largest supporters. We have always had a great relationship. Even when we were yelling at each other or teasing each other as children. We traveled to Costa Rica together a couple years back. We are long over due for another 'Girls Take Over' Trip. Find your tribe and love them hard.

Q: What other women owned business would you shout out to right now?

A: Natalie Contrera! I’m not just saying that because of your blog but the fact that you have so much multi businesses that all connect. Hands Down, I love the drive that you have -- never stop what your doing.

See, I told you she was one of my biggest supporters.

Q: Tell me your favorite product in your industry right now

A: Sour beers

SAMEEEE. Who loves a sour?

Also, I hope everyone is loving my use of Gifs lately. If not, sorry boutcha luck.

Okay, one more question, Why did you start doing this type of thing?

A: I wanted to show that no matter what I can do the same as a man, that’s why I started this but now being older, I realized I started this because it allowed me to shine and be my own boss. I’m not working for someone else's dream. i just knew once I got the taste of climbing to the top -- I wouldn’t stop.

Alright everyone, if you are in the Colton, California area or want to see everything happening with House of Booze head over to their instagram. Reach out to Gina and buy a ton of cool, new beers.

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