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4 Reasons Why Empowerment Sessions are a Sexuality Embracement | Boudoir | Philly Boudoir | Philly M

Did you click on this wondering what the fuck an empowerment session was? Okay, great. It’s just a fancy word I like to use for boudoir shoots when boudoir could not describe it enough.

Boudoir is my favorite type of work. I love doing hair and makeup with photographers on these types of shoots. I love it cause its real and raw. Real and raw; cause you are naked (sort of), cause you are vulnerable, cause you are embracing flaws and laughing with strength. Working for the past six years on these types of shoots; I’ve come to realize that boudoir just did not live up to its name. This was not a sexy photo you give to your husband right before you get married. (well, I guess it could be). No, this is way more than that.

This is for you. This is for your husband or your wife or your partners. This is your sexuality. This is how you see sexy. Female sexuality is not define by anyone. There is no mold, no print out, no guidelines or more. Quite frankly there is no female sexuality. There is only YOUR sexuality. Let’s embrace it, in a gorgeous way, that makes you feel like the best you. And, hey, if you want to give it to a significant other or sexual partner, go the hell ahead.

And because of all that, because this is so much more than lingerie and some photos, it was renamed empowerment. I couldn’t be any happier.

Here is four reasons WHY empowerment sessions are a sexual embracement:

1. You get naked

I figured that was easy enough. But, you don’t always get naked, sometimes you wear cute lingerie. Yes, and even sometimes, t-shirts and shorts. Honestly, bodysuits or birthday suit -- its how you find your sexy. And, what is more empowering than falling In love with our birthday suit?

2. You smile

I have never met a woman, yet, that has walked out of an empowerment session not smiling ear to ear. You feel and look amazing. The magazines, celebrities and social media don’t matter right now. In this moment, behind the camera, we are no longer comparing ourselves to our instagram feed. There is no influencer telling you to buy something for a promo code. It is just you, me and the photographer.

3. You kill your comfort zone

If you do not step out of your comfort zone, your comfort zone will kill you. Leading up to these sessions, women of every size, age and race are nervous. Anxiety feels up of “did we hit the goal weight we wanted?”, “I should’ve self tanned” and more. But, as an empower-session attendee, you did it. You killed it! You left all your comfort behind. As I love to say to my clients.”you dropped it the minute you dropped your clothes”.

4. You embrace your sexuality.

I think this is one of the most important ones. Whatever makes you feel sexy is the answer. Whatever turns you on is the answer. If you are discovering it before, during or after, it is all okay. Figuring out that you have every right to embrace yourself sexually, emotionally and physically as you would like to.

I honestly could’ve made this list ten reasons or a hundred reasons or a thousand reasons why to describe the glory of empowerment sessions. These are fun, loving, ways to enjoy the beauty that is us, capture us in our rawest moments and the real time moments. Have fun, schedule yours with a breath-taking photographer local to you that provides an awesome hair and makeup team. It will be worth the exploration.

(PS, I do a boudoir marathon often with photographers. To find out if we have on in the Philadelphia/Tri State area, email me)

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