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The End of an Era | Yearly Recap | Whats in store for 2020

Blogging the last few months has been hard. Blogging comes in waves with me. Very similar to how I'd describe 2019.....waves. It is the end of an era and helped complete a lot of things in my life. This year had hard business moments, so many personal moments and so much strides. There was pain as much as joy. 2019 -- Waves.

In the last ten years...

  • Moved and lived on the East Coast (primarily Philly but Baltimore, too)

  • Started College, Started Cosmetology and Started the Beauty Industry

  • Started Focusing on Mental Health for myself and others

  • Got my amazing, but very anxious, pit bull baby angel, Raylan

  • Traveled all over the country for beauty photo shoots, beauty meetings, weddings and more.

  • Traveled all over the world for pleasure.

  • Received over 100 publications in print and online.

  • Grown as a 20-something into now my 30s. (lol, being 30 makes me 20-something still).

  • Blogged on topics that were fun, topics that were beauty and topics that were vulnerable.

  • Created videos for myself and some interesting brands.

  • Educated beauty professionals and consumers alike.

  • Focused and loved me. Loved me fucking hard.

  • Dated a lot, loved a lot, got engaged once, broke it all off but ended up with my amazing partner.

  • Somehow still learning forever changing social media.

  • Ate too many tacos and poke bowls.

In 2020..

  • Stronger understanding of self and others (with more patiences)

  • More travel across the globe for work and pleasure

  • Continuing creating videos for brands to help promote growth.

  • Focus on beauty education, understanding consuming and strong dive into fashion.

  • Taking time to learn what is the best fit for me instead of always jumping in on impulse.

  • Loving my extra time with my man and my dog, my family and my friends.

  • Taking the rest of the time to love me, work on always staying healthy.

  • Health and Wealth Success.

For the next ten years, I know there will be so many lessons, growing pains and celebrations. I am looking forward to it from a better understanding. I am so thankful for what the last ten years looked like for me and what all of my twenties looked like for me. This chapter will never be forgotten. But, thank the fucking world, it is over.

Happy New Year Everyone. Let 2020 be Light.

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