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Mascara | The Difference | Philly Makeup Artist | Philly Blogger | Makeup Education

I have clients constantly asking for a 'brand' to try. They want the next HOTTEST mascara. I think many client, consumers and womxn are only the hunt for the best mascara. Feels like a never ending challenge.

What I noticed the most out of everything, hasn't been running out of mascara to recommend, it's that the average person truly does not know the difference. They aren't sure what they are looking. I have decided to break it down, best I can, below


  • Creates thicker lashes

  • Fatter lashes

  • Multiple lashes


  • Makes your natural lashes longer

  • No clumping


  • Gives lashes a lift

  • Great for straight lashes

  • Curls lashes

  • Doesn't provide insane length or volume


  • Similar to volume

  • create more at the base

  • fatter lashes

Fluffy Brush Vs Plastic

Preference thing!

Rule of thumb: Usually, voluminous mascaras have fluffier brushes. Think, fatter the wand, fatter the lashes.

Waterproof VS Water Resistant:

My favorite way to describe the difference is: Water Resistant: you can get caught in the rain Water proof: You can cannonball into a pool All makeup requires makeup remover to remove it.

Let me know if you learned something! Trying to always keep the blogs for pros and consumers alike. Stay tuned for some great business focused blogs and more makeup things.

(Images are not mine. Images are all found on google).

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