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My social MEdia HElpers | PHILLY BLOGGER | Natty Contrera

Creating content is hard, finding the time is even harder. Thankfully for these apps, it's made life a little easier:

  • Planoly

This is a scheduling app. You can also use other ones. I like this one. Scheduling has showed me the most work/life balance and giving me the most break from Social Media. I also notice my content and thinking structure is better when I am scheduling posts. I go back and forth between this. But, I believe you can schedule and plan out content, have it take up less time in your brain and still be 'real and authentic'.

  • Canva

Bless the gods that created Canva! It is personalized Pinterest gold at your finger tips. It's your graphic designer and web creator and facebook post and every mother fucking thing. Get Canva. The free option is still very worth it.

  • Wix

There is a forever fight of the website war. I had a square space and it was fine. Honestly, I hear so many great things about many website spaces. I love how user friendly wix is. I have had a wix site for a handful of years now. I love that my website, e-mail, blogs, e-mail campaigns and more all come from Wix. I don't need 90 other apps because of this.

  • Colourstory

I hated pre-set templates at first. Filters and face-tune was for Insta-thots and YouTube gurus. I was not that. I was a "working makeup artist" who had photographer quality images. But, then I realized wow, Colourstory allows you to purchase really inexpensive filters and tuning options to give you the ability to let all your other work fit your brand. Now, my product shots, selfies and photo with the pup blend a little bit with the brand. So, Thank you Insta-thots, But I am still not buying your tummy tea. (also guys, all fun intended. I love a lot of influencers. Let them get their coins)

  • TikTok

Yep, I said it. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM SAYING IT. Nonetheless, I am definitely saying it -- Get TikTok. TikTok allows you to use music through the app, edit in many different ways, use various features and filters. PLUS you can share the same content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Videos are the new stories and stories are the new instagram feed/facebook wall. You don't have to do a viral dance. But, I promise, with some creativity, TikTok videos could give you some really amazing content for your social media presence.

I hope there was a new app or a reminder to use something in there for you. Never knowing how to end blogs after all these years...see ya.


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