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On Set Etiquette | philly mua | Tuesday pro tips | natty contrera

Hello, my pro babies! (I never know how to start these damn blogs).

Welcome back to my Tuesday Pro Tips. I am so excited to talk about this topic with each and everyone of you. Mainly, because no one ever spent the time to talk about this with me. If you are a pro already with on-set work, bouncing between new types of lanes in the beauty industry, or just want to get started, I hope this is something you learn from.

Set Etiquette goes wayyy past the set. It can help you with future industries, future clients, and more. I think about Set Etiquette the same way I often talk about assisting.

The first tip that will benefit you so much is: Read The Room. Seriously.

Learn how to be an observer before you become the talker. This will help you to identify with how to properly network, build a relationship with those around you, and the expectations of "good work ethic". Not all set life is the same life. Be flexible.

Reading the room allows you the ability to have control. Control leads to power, leads to decision making, and leads to getting people on your side. All of that leads to more work, more money, and more growth.

Most importantly, I think punctuality is a huge part of set ettiqute. Set life never runs on time. Do not be the reason why they fall behind. Punctuality is more than showing up on time -- It's staying on task and planning ahead for delays.

Plan ahead to save yourself! I talk about this a lot in my Greatest Assistant Guide. You can click on the link to download and read about it. These are tools that will not only make you a great assistant but help with networking, building relationships and making yourself an outstanding Key Artist.

Showing up on time means showing up early and ready to go. Use reminders on your phone. Use alarms to keep yourself on time and planning ahead.

Lastly, proper set ettiqute includes finalizing your work. That is why you are there after all. Make sure you do a great job, finish your work and it holds up to your expectations. Being on-set does give you time to touch up but you never want to be re-doing your work. Conquer the expectations of the vision board or art director's vision without input. This is not your time to be creative unless given the control. Even when given "creative control", ask questions:

"What will the models be wearing?"

"Is there a mood board I can reference?"

Think about the company as a whole. What is their mission? Who is their target audience or who are they trying to market to with this campaign? Remember your work is a display of you but this isn't about you. You are to provide a service that showcases or represents the company through your beauty work.

I hope you enjoyed these mini tips. I am looking forward to the next couple months of growth and lessons for us all. Can you believe that 2020 is coming to an end sooner than we think? We've gotten through a lot of things this year -- with still so much more to come.

Until our next Tuesday Pro tip, friends. See ya.

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