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Hi everyone!

I like keeping blogs short and sweet. It's more about the content and less about this long ass story about your grandma just to get to the damn recipe, Karen. I just want to know how to make lemon basil cookies! Anyway.

With summer coming, this is everything you need to know about SPF:

  • Two different kinds

Physical and Mineral I am not going to debate the pros and cons of both. Find what works for you. There is plenty of information out there.

  • Anti Aging The sun rays cause aging like fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration. Throw your fancy Vitamin C and retinol away if you're not going to be consistent with SPF. Seriously, I promise you are working against your skincare without protection. PS - you can still get tan while wearing an SPF. Or, put a damn bronzer on.

  • More than just for Summer and Sunny Days

There is sun in the winter. The sun is out on cloudy days. Sun reflects so make sure to have SPF in more than just the hot days and summer season. Harmful sun rays cause cancer every day and every season. Protect yo'self.

  • Two Hour Rule

I can't believe how many people don't know this and how often I have to talk about this. You know how when you're at the beach and it says 80 minutes? You know how every 1-2 hours at that same beach as a kid you were told to reapply? Well, here is a shocker, you might need to sit down for, the SAME SPF you use at the beach is in your makeup and skincare. Meaning you have to apply every two hours. There is nothing 'special' or different. Apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before you're in direct sunlight and reapply every two hours.

  • Multiple different formulas

Yep, it comes in so many formulas. Creams, gels, sprays, powders and more. It also comes in your makeup and skincare and more. However, SPF in your makeup is irrelevant. To get the amount of protection (for 2 hours only), you'd need a lot of foundation on. A lot of times SPF can ruin or dilute anti-aging properties in your skincare. Sorry, I know, I'm coming in hot. Also, how would you reapply if you had makeup on? Sprays and powders are your best best. There is a lot of great options. I use one from Supergoop or the Ulta Name Brand.

  • Coral Reef Safe

Yes, SPF WAS damaging the coral reefs. But THANKFULLY!! There is tons -- and I mean tons -- of Coral reef safe sunscreen options. They will be noted on each company website.

  • Flashback

Yes, this sucks. It's not always great for photos. However, how often are doing a photoshoot verses how often are you sitting outside in the sun with friends? Sorry, your insta-photo doesn't count. Turn your flash off, find some natural lighting and don't take pictures in the club. But, by the time that happens, it'll be dark and you'll be in new foundation with no sun shining.

I hope that helps. Moral of the story: Apply some damn sunscreen!

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