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summer must have: hair edition | Verb friends | natty Contrera | Philly mua

Summer is coming and if you're like me you are messy waves or a top knot. Don't let summer fool you, that's me 365 24/7. I have pretty thick but dry hair. It's on the wavy spectrum. And to throw a real truth bomb out there, it used to be way thicker, but with all the bullshit I've done to it -- I feel like it's thinner than normal. (I also no that I'm being dramatic because I still have so so much hair, okay. moving on).

Here are the summer hair products I am using to either make those beautiful (lol, I mean hot mess) top knots or the easy breezy waves.

Key is to start with shampoo and condition. They are your base. Like, the skincare of your hair.

I use Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Sea Salt Shampoo.

I then use Verb Hydrating Condition.

Finally, I use Amika Soul Food Mask for some extra hydration.

(I only wash my hair about once a week so I usually use a mask every time)

Now on to my hair foundation. This is my primers, correctors and more, if we were talking makeup terms.

I start with Amika Body Foam -- This bad boy is conditioning and gives me more volume in my delusion that I have no hair.

Verb Leave In Spray and the Sea Salt Spray

Dry Bar 100 Proof Oil

Now, on to the fun! I let my hair air-dry more often than I'd like to admit so we're not going to talk about the scrunching and diffuser method. I usually braid my hair in about two braids. I'm lazy and these products do a lot of the work. Plus, with me already being prone to the wavy ride I don't need many.

Pro tip: The more braids, the more waves. Get wild and ready.

Once my hair is finally dry, I use a few different things depending on the day. If I want to spray to add more texture and body -- even a little hold, I have a few favorites. Those would be Triple Sec by Dry Bar, Amika Matte Texture or Pureology Wind.

After a few days, I'll need some dry shampoo. Now, I feel like dry shampoo is mascara for me. I am constantly in search for the best dry shampoo. In my kit, I've been using the Colorproof one. I found that to work the best for the largest range of people. For myself, I feel like Amika Perk Up has been a recent jam. I used to live, breathe, die and eat the Dry Shampoo by Paul Mitchell. Then, I couldn't stay away from the gorgeous scents of Dry Bar Dry Shampoos (Costal Scents was the best one, y'all). You get the picture.

But, then, my scalp might have some oil and build up. My scalp might need a little lift. Y'ALL MY MIDS AND ENDS ARE THIRSTY. They do not want anything 'shampoo' near it. I started spraying the dry oil by R&CO. That shit has been my real ultimate saving grace. It provides gorgeous shine, the right amount of revamped hydration and no build up.

I hope that my product over haul was what you needed to get the right summer hair stuff for you. If you want to say any more on Verb Products, click this link! If for some reason you rather type it in your browser,

I will be doing a Summer Edition: Makeup and a Summer Edition: Skincare! See ya on some Monday then. (Ps; Yes, anything beauty/product/consumer will be posted on Mondays from now on!).

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