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ways to know if you're being inclusive in the beauty industry. | Tuesday tips | pro beauty | Philly

Take your Instagram feed. Look at your last nine pictures. What do your last nine pictures show? We put a lot of energy into Social Media. Especially those of us in the Beauty Industry who I imagine (based on SEO and analytics) are the majority of my readers.

Social Media is our highlight reel. What does your reel say about you? If you find that you only post one type of age, race, or body type -- you're not being inclusive. If you have to say "well, six months ago, I did a shoot..." you're not being inclusive.

My favorite way to explain to people is "if you have to think about it" you're not being inclusive. If you have to be strategic, you're not being inclusive. No one has to have every 9 photos be completely different. No one is asking for perfect displays of inclusivity across your portfolio 24/7. Yes, people understand sometimes you'll have jobs that you have no control over who the models/clients are.

Please stop with excuses.

I used to be "Queen of Excuses" for so many things. I, myself, have not been perfect. But, we have to do better. Better isn't perfect. Better is actively learning.

Here is what you should ask yourself as a check-list to actively stay inclusive:

  • Do my most recent photos (the first nine) on Social Media display different types of people, with different skin, different hair, etc?

  • Do I seek out different photographers whose work displays inclusivity?

  • Do I share my views about being anti-racist and pro-LGBTQIA+ so marginalized communities feel safe working with me?

  • Do I actively advocate for diverse hiring when in a position to give feedback?

  • Do I actively do model searches during TFP collabs encouraging priority to POC, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA+?

We all have the ability to grow, learn, and love. Myself included.

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